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 Join us for track, a program designed for athletes who like to run!

Training will include: appropriate stretching and warm ups, staying in lanes while running, endurance, starting a race, crossing the finish line, relay race/exchange of baton, softball throw, discus/frisbee throw, standing long jump and sportsmanship.

Athletes will learn to be more independent on the track running in small groups along with peer volunteers. Peers will be encouraged to support and encourage all runners and serve as role models on the track. Extra support will be provided as needed.

Track will take place on Sundays (3:00pm - 5:00pm) from October 14th - November 18th at York Community High School. Register by September 21st!

Registration is Open for the 2018 - 2019 Soccer Season! 

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and has taken the United States by storm. More kids play soccer than any other sport.  This includes kids with disabilities. American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) has been a leader in youth soccer especially in Elmhurst, IL.  Because of its commitment to our youth and strong presence in the community, Access Sports partners with the AYSO 399 VIP program to provide soccer to its athletes.

Athletes learn basic soccer skills and teamwork.  The Access Sports teams are divided by age and grade.  There are currently three levels--introductory, 2nd to 5th grade, and 6th grade to transition.  Access Sports teams often play games against other AYSO soccer teams during the season.  

The fall soccer season is 8 weeks long from mid-September to early November and the spring season is also 8 weeks long from mid-April to early June.  Access Sports provides specialized coaching and peer buddies on the field.  Practices/games are one hour on Saturdays.

AYSO 399 handles soccer registration for Access Sports.  It is important to register on time to avoid late fees or run the risk of not being able to play because the league is at capacity.  Registration for the following season is in April/May.  Please check the Access Sports calendar of events for registration dates and times.  Or, you can check When registering your child, please register for the VIP program.  Once registered, AYSO will forward your child's information to Access Sports. The $25 registration fee (plus a $17.50 non-refundable national AYSO fee) includes a jersey, shorts, socks and ball. 

Rugby will take place on Sundays from October 7th through October 28th (1:00 - 2:00pm) at Salt Creek Park. 

Interested? Register by September 28th!



Access Rugby

Access Sports All Play

Access Sports partners with Elmhurst Sports Inc. for our winter basketball league. The season is 8 weeks in length during January and February on Sunday afternoons. The season includes two pre-season clinics in December that are used to create balanced teams.

Our program is divided into two age levels - Elementary School aged athletes and High School aged athletes with 4 teams at each level. Weekly sessions include a team practice and game. Game awareness, dribbling, catching, passing, shooting and rebounding are taught and player’s progress at their own pace with the assistance of youth volunteers. The high school level uses IHSA refs for their games and our season ends with a round robin tournament.

"Extra" Basketball Program

Are you looking for more time on the basketball court or are you new to Access Sports and want to check out our program?

We have partnered with Elmhurst College basketball coach Peyton Wyatt to provide instruction in dribbling, shooting, passing and rebounding. Each session will provide additional opportunities for athletes to maximize their potential and their enjoyment of basketball!

This 5-week program is open to athletes ages 6th grade through transition and is on Fridays at Sandburg Middle School.

Access Rugby is a pilot program that utilizes occupational therapy (OT) methods with the movements and basic components of rugby to help athletes develop socially, emotionally and physically.

Access Sports is partnering with Elmhurst Rugby to provide this Access Rugby program specifically designed for athletes with disabilities. The program involves modified rugby drills and skill-based games mixed with occupational therapy related activities, finishing each session with a NON-CONTACT rugby game. The sessions are physical and utilize tackle bags and hit shields to get the sensory input that many kids crave.

In occupational therapy, children use different kinds of mats and materials to run, climb, and crawl - providing deep pressure and muscle engagement that many children need to regulate themselves and function. These activities allow children with sensory processing difficulties the proprioceptive input they need to attend to directions, focus attention, practice skills and function together on a team.

Access Rugby is an innovative way to create a positive shared experience that can lead to increased confidence and success.

Financial assistance is available to help cover the cost of athlete registration fees. 

For more information, complete the CONTACT US form on our website and mention

"financial assistance needed" in the comment box. We will contact you to discuss how

we can get your athlete involved in our program!


Registration is Open for the 2018 Baseball - 'Buddyball' Season! 

Access Sports partners with Elmhurst Baseball League, Inc. to bring Buddy Ball to Elmhurst. Buddy Ball is a baseball program for young athletes with disabilities. Access Sports and Elmhurst Baseball League are committed to providing young athletes with disabilities in Elmhurst a positive baseball experience.  

The baseball season typically starts in mid-April and runs through the end of June. This 8-week season includes a skill development practice and a game each week. Sessions are one hour on Saturdays. Access Sports provides specialized training and a peer mentor for each player on the field. Players receive a shirt, hat and baseball pants. Athletes must bring their own baseball glove.

Our season includes a game played during All Star Weekend and ends with a nighttime game under the lights!

Registration for baseball is handled through The Elmhurst Baseball & Softball League and is open! 


Access Sports is excited to announce a 2018-19 pilot program called Access Sports All Play: Inclusive sports combining athletes with intellectual disabilities and peers on a team.

Access Sports will continue to run some of its sports programs the same as previous years while taking a new approach to others. Access Sports All Play will supplement current programing.

Athletes with intellectual disabilities and peers will practice and compete together on integrated teams. Athletes will be part of an inclusive team where they can learn from peers and form friendships. Understanding and

camaraderie created through team play will lead to increased social and emotional growth for all team members.

During All Play, the role of volunteers will shift from one-to-one mentorship/support to wearing the same

uniform and acting as equal players on a team. Volunteers will also serve as team leaders who support all players

as needed. Peers will have a natural opportunity to embrace diversity and respect differences while providing

athletes with disabilities an inclusive environment free from judgment.

Registration for Access Sports All Play teams will be ​open to students with and without disabilities.

Baseball - 'Buddyball'

Want to be an athlete?