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Access Sports

Our mission is to provide young athletes with disabilities opportunities to participate in an array of community based sports in a fun and meaningful way.

About Us

Our Vision

Dena Seidenfuss is the founder of Access Sports. In her search for an athletic program for her son on the Autism Spectrum, she learned there are many barriers for children with disabilities to participate in team sports. 

Young athletes with and without disabilities should have the opportunity to engage in recreational and sports programs in their communities. Dena’s vision for Access Sports was to create programs that would resemble typical peers’ programs and include the support needed for young athletes with diverse needs to be successful. 

Access Sports partners with local organizations to bring team sports to over 60 athletes in Elmhurst. We currently organize soccer, basketball, baseball, and track programs for athletes with disabilities ages 5-22.

We encourage individual growth and foster positive and interactive relationships between athletes, volunteers, families, and communities. 

Our Mission