NEW: Access Sports All Play

Access Sports

PO Box 302  •  Elmhurst, IL  60126  •

Access Sports is excited to announce a 2018-19 pilot program called Access Sports All Play: Inclusive sports combining athletes with intellectual disabilities and peers on a team.

Access Sports will continue to run some of its sports programs the same as previous years while taking a new approach to others. Access Sports All Play will supplement current programing.

Athletes with intellectual disabilities and peers will practice and compete together on integrated teams. Athletes will be part of an inclusive team where they can learn from peers and form friendships. Understanding and camaraderie created through team play will lead to increased social and emotional growth for all team members.

During All Play, the role of volunteers will shift from one-to-one mentorship/support to wearing the same uniform and acting as equal players on a team. Volunteers will also serve as team leaders who support all players as needed. Peers will have a natural opportunity to embrace diversity and respect differences while providing athletes with disabilities an inclusive environment free from judgment.

Registration for Access Sports All Play teams will be
​open to students with and without disabilities.

​​​Access Sports provides young athletes with disabilities in and around Elmhurst, IL 
access to team sport activities. We currently organize basketball, soccer, baseball, and
track teams at various times of the year. Access Sports partners with local organizations
to provide practices and games.  Athletes have the opportunity to learn new skills,
​build friendships, ​and realize that team sports can be fun, yet competitive.