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A special thank you goes out to our sponsors, food donors and volunteers.  Our event was a success because you you.

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Guest of Honor at our Spaghetti Dinner--William Fidone

In 2010, William joined the Access Sports soccer program.  The following year, he stepped out on the basketball court.  Who could ever forget William's famous one-legged kick saves in soccer. William's real magic is his tranquil enthusiasm and his positive effect on others, coaches, and teammates alike.  He is popular with his teammates because he wanted them to succeed.  He pulled for everyone, even his opponents.  William enjoys being around people and they enjoy being around him. What a wonderful gift. And let's not forget...the young man can sing. ​

Thank you!
Guest of Honor
​Guest of Honor

​​​Access Sports provides young athletes with disabilities in and around Elmhurst, IL access to team sport activities. We currently organize basketball, soccer, baseball, and track teams at various times of the year. Access Sports partners with local organizations to provide practices and games.  Athletes have the opportunity to learn new skills, build friendships, and realize that team sports can be fun, yet competitive. 

Guest of Honor at our Spaghetti Dinner--Maggie Fetty

Maggie joined Access Sports in 2009 for our inaugural year of basketball.  She is a well-rounded athlete in our baseball program and flag football clinics. Maggie always gives a memorable effort. Her quiet dedication, not just to compete, but to improve, paid off in success.  Patience and perseverance are two of Maggie's exceptional character traits.  When she accomplishes something that she worked hard for, she celebrates with a delightful smile and double high-fives!   Athletics teaches dedication and Maggie has taught us a lot.